Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Perhaps nothing is more critical to human health than the process of selecting appropriate food. At least three times a day, we open a portal (our mouth) to our interior and introduce pieces of the outside world into our delicate system. Those bits of the outside world must be disinfected by our body and thoroughly processed to be digested, and assimilated in order to be useful. It is a very energy intensive process that is only worthwhile if the food we consume is loaded with healing nutrients.

Sadly, despite our best intentions, it is increasingly challenging to find food that is worth the energy to digest it. With the advent of big agribusiness farming post WW2, our soil vitality rapidly diminished, leading to sickly animals and nutrient-poor crops. Ubiquitous chemical-laden, processed- and fast-food has left us overweight, under-nourished and confused about our role in properly nourishing ourselves.

To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is art! Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Jennifer has dedicated extensive time and energy on the study of nutrient identification, proper food preparation, digestion, and assimilation. Her philosophy is that our reliance on inappropriate foodstuffs has fueled our culture to be one of the sickest developed nations in the world. It's gotten to the extent that the CDC has declared that we are now raising the first generation of Americans predicted to live a shorter lifespan than their parents. The clean-eating emphasis at Boyd Wellness is paramount to the success of all the other interventions. If you have a leaky boat you need to plug the holes as much as you need to bail out the water! Solid, nutrient-dense diets that exclude chemically-processed foods and include healthy, vital water is the cornerstone of the Boyd Wellness healing program.

Jennifer works with her clients to identify and eliminate the foods that act as poisons while introducing and reinforcing the foods that behave as medicines based on individual metabolic type, occult allergy and caloric needs. She believes firmly that no single diet strategy is right for every person. With a reduced toxin load from the diet many people are able to loose stubbornly long- lasting weight and improve energy and mental clarity.