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During this 45-min session Jennifer expounds on topics curious, meta-physical and fascinating with the goal of informing, inspiring and transforming your wellness quotient a little every month. Jennifer shares life hacks, foods, and interventions that are a departure from bombastic and an arrival to a life that is booming

You're busy, sometimes even a bit frantic. Even with all that energy you are not feeling full. Maybe it's not screaming at you, but you can feel the longing for more - more peace, more bliss, more magic, more meaning.

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The Call

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Feed that gnawing feeling. A smidge of brilliance, a pinch of science, a dash of spiritualism (and just a hint of sarcasm), this monthly “call-in” with Boyd Wellness Retreat Center is the antidote to what ails you. And it’s recorded so you can listen to it again and again like a Shaun Cassidy 45.

Testimonial from D.C. "After all this time I can't believe I still learn new things with you. You amaze me and amuse me and inspire me. I really appreciate this because it was so simple, but crazy helpful. I literally felt better from when you had us to do the body scan thingy at the beginning versus the same scan at the end."